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LetchworthVillage.info was created by by a brother/sister pair whose common interests started them on this journey.

While growing up in Rockland County and even to this day, when people spoke of 'Letchworth Village', it gave you a creepy feeling. I personally was never there as a child nor was my sister. It was a place that was spoken about, even joked about; but no one went up there unless it was for some horrible reason.

It’s a shame that most Rocklanders made a joke out of Letchworth Village because now that all the vibrant life has left, the only thing that remains is a hauntingly, horrifying 'still frame/skeletal like' look we see represented in the images you see on our site (and other sites).

When you walk the grounds at Letchworth, you get a strange sense of how people there lived their lives. The 'idea' behind Letchworth could be looked upon as a good thing if you can see the idea’s attempt to give a full normal existence to those that could not have one because of mental/physical disabilities or conditions. Remember, Letchworth Village was created in the early 1900's when times where different and recognizing/labeling many disabilities/conditions was 'pre-historic'. Many look back now at Letchworth and say they where just 'rounding up all the retards' to keep them secluded in their own environment away from the public.

Many of these people who lived there as patients had no families, friends or relatives that cared about them or for them. These unfortunate people had no protection and only their caretakers at Letchworth to rely on. We do not know, but horrible things may have taken place there and could have lasted for years. Punishment/Revenge/Payback have been waiting for too long to be exacted and may be due. Souls there may need final peace and rest; Who are we to not provide them with what they are due? Can our photos, emotional/physical efforts and website dedication help their souls rest? We believe so.

Shortly these buildings/locations will no longer exist. Demolition is planned and we hope our efforts will preserve every moment that needs to be saved.

 - C & S

PS - All the images on this site are also available in Full Color/Full Size upon request.

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